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Blended Learning Service

The Blended Learning Service is a centrally provisioned resource dedicated to enabling and enhancing digital experiences across the University. We provide support, training and guidance that aim to further develop blended education at Cambridge and work towards achieving our strategic objectives.

Many of our resources are immediately available, however, some are only accessible to members of the University. Click here to log in via Raven and access our full suite of resources


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Multiple photographs showing a variety of teaching environments including the Fitzwilliam Museum, a Chemistry Laboratory, Newnham College Library, and the Sainsbury Lab Lecture Theatre

Blended Learning at Cambridge

Our Digital Education Strategy 2016-2020 established investment from the University of Cambridge to further support and enhance teaching and learning by integrating digital learning, in many of its potential manifestations, into our outstanding residential educational experiences.

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AI and Education

Institutional guidance and supporting information for students and staff engaging with emerging artificial intelligence technologies.

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Illustration of students discussing work

Undergraduate User Experience Research

Research prompted by the Service Design Programme to comprehensively explore the holistic student experience at the University of Cambridge. This project sought to delve into the multifaceted aspects of students' academic and non-academic journeys to gain a deep understanding of their experiences, needs, and pain points.

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Lecture Theatre Seating

Guidance on Recording

Guidance is provided to students and staff to outline the University’s position on the recording of teaching sessions or events. It should be read in conjunction with the Policy on the Recording of Teaching Materials/Lectures .