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Blended Learning Service


Blended Learning Service

The Blended Learning Service is a centrally provisioned resource dedicated to enabling and enhancing digital experiences across the University. We provided support, training and guidance that aim to further develop blended education at Cambridge and work towards achieving our strategic objectives.

Our team combines research, design, and policy to ensure staff are kept up to date with technological and pedagogical developments and feel confident to engage effectively with emerging themes in education whilst being supported by the institution to do so. Students may also seek support from the Blended Learning Service as we seek to better understand their educational needs and feed these insights back into our ongoing growth and development.

How can we help?

Members of staff seeking to engage with the new Blended Learning Service will have access to a range of opportunities to discuss practices with relevant experts, collaboratively iterate on their own practice, enhance their own skillset, and explore new possibilities to further develop their teaching.

The Blended Learning Service aims to provide:

  • a vision for digital and blended education at Cambridge and advice on appropriate strategic objectives
  • a range of opportunities for staff development, training, and demonstrations
  • 1:1 support with service staff to discuss, develop and evaluate blended learning challenges and opportunities
  • a regularly updated suite of resources and guidance for their own autonomous professional developmentĀ 
  • collaborative opportunities to develop blended education with staff and students
  • alignment and networking across multiple services in support of education (e.g., Teaching Learning & Assessment Systems, Cambridge Centre for Teaching & Learning, and Accessibility & Disability Resource Centre)
  • forums for discussion with and between disciplines, Colleges, students, and professional services about effective use of technology within Cambridge
  • advice on the adoption and development of good practice in blended education

The new service provides staff with the confidence they are being supported by a team of dedicated experts, aligning their work with institutional policies and academic needs, and access to additional time and capacity to develop high-quality blended education resources, process, and practice.