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Blended Learning Service

A series of post-it notes attached to a wall during a workshop

Service Design Review for Digital Education

Cambridge is an extraordinary university, with the provision of outstanding educational experiences at the heart of its mission.  While the DNA of those experiences remains largely unchanged, the pressure to adopt technological and pedagogical innovation is increasing.  As a result, the University's ability to provide outstanding educational experiences is increasingly reliant on support from central and local support teams, but the current service landscape is fragmented and service teams are often poorly aligned, leaving many users underserved.

In responding to this challenge, between October 2021 and December 2022, Education Services sponsored a programme of service design activities intended to develop a shared understanding of the problem space and deliver increased alignment between the people, processes and technology underpinning technology-enabled learning at Cambridge.  Through interviews, workshops and user research, we have identified a number of key problems and delivered a set of recommendations for how to address them.