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Blended Learning Service


Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ below will be updated regularly to address concerns and queries commonly raised by members of the University. If you have any particular topics you would like addressed here, please email

Can the use of AI be detected?

Current technological solutions to detecting use of generative AI are unproven and unreliable. You may wish to familiarise yourself with available software, especially anything discipline specific; however, the best approach is to communicate and discuss the opportunities and what is permitted with students, and design assessments to concentrate on higher order skills such as reflection, evaluation, and synthesis. 

Can we ban the use of AI locally?

Whilst departments and faculties are permitted to restrict or even ban the use of AI, this is very difficult to enforce and will often be ineffectual. We again encourage regular and open conversations with staff and students about how to make the most of generative AI whilst understanding what is and is not permitted. 

What do I do if suspect a student has misused AI in their work?

As with any other form or academic misconduct you should follow the University’s existing policies, more information about our approach to investigating misconduct can be found here

Can I encourage the use of AI in my teaching?

We welcome diverse approaches to using new technologies in our teaching, learning, and assessment as long as they align with any relevant existing policies. Supported use of generative AI in teaching and learning can prove very effective, but as with any other tool or method, clear guidelines and a supportive approach for students is the best approach. 

Where can I go to discuss my concerns or any ideas I might have for using AI?

The Blended Learning Service will be happy to meet and discuss aspects of generative AI and how it can be used effectively within an educational context. Please email for more information.