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Be informed

Know whether recordings will be offered, how they complement the teaching on your course, and how to access them. All courses publish a statement outlining their approach to teaching and learning, and what you can expect.

You are not alone

Recordings can’t replicate the social benefits of attending teaching in person. Sharing insights and challenges with your peers boosts confidence and builds support mechanisms.

Recordings are only one piece of the puzzle

Lectures alone don’t give the full picture on a topic, so neither do recordings; don’t spend hours rewatching or taking verbatim notes. Combine recordings with your independent learning and formulate your own ideas and understanding.

Maintain structure

Your course has been structured in a specific way to maximise learning. If you do miss a live session, try to catch up as soon as you can; bingeing or cramming is not effective, and you may miss key connections.

Get help

Explore resources on using recordings and improving your study skills through the links below. If you need extra support, your College or Course Organiser is here to help.